Best branding advice for early startups

Clive Jackson, Victor Founder and CEO, discusses with Forbes the importance of brand names and provides early stage startups with advice for getting it right.

Jackson says that a brand name can make the difference between long and short term success.

“At the early stages, over invest in the brand as much as you can possibly afford, but recognize you won’t reap the rewards until you have something to protect. That requires a leap of faith, especially when startups don’t have a lot of money.

Follow some of these core principles, put the hard yards in, then go and get a little bit of consulting from someone who does it and is good, or persuade a top- tier professional firm that they should make that investment in you at very favorable rates for a few days of their time.

It comes down to a clear and concise articulation about what you are and where you’re intending to go and that’s critical if you’re going to get professional brand people to help you where they’re not really going to be remunerated the way they would with bigger clients.”

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