Five Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Why do the world’s movers and shakers, celebrities and opinion-formers choose to fly privately? For business or leisure, short hops or far-flung destinations, private jet travel offers a multitude of advantages beyond the high standard of service and comfort it’s renowned for. We delve into some of the benefits…


#1 – Your Time Is All Yours

Chartering a private jet removes the hassle, wait times and restrictions of commercial flights and replaces them with expedited processes, seamless transfers, comfort, privacy and convenience – necessary for some medical emergencies and highly desirable qualities, whether you’re a holiday-maker seeking to land close to your ski chalet or yacht, a business leader with three meetings, in three European cities, in just one day. The perception is that of luxury; but the magic is the highest level of efficiency and flexibility.

#2 – It’s As Easy As Booking A Taxi

Chartering a private jet means booking an entire aircraft, for a flight between A and B (or even A, B, C and D), for which you pay an agreed price which includes fuel cost and airport fees. Comparing, booking and managing your private jet flight can be done at your fingertips any time of the day via the Victor app. To get a quote, you’ll just need to provide details of where you would like to fly from and to; the preferred date and time of your departure; the number of people travelling in your party; the preferred size or range of your aircraft (if known); and any other relevant details (such as additional legs, pet passengers, dietary requirements or excess baggage). It’s that simple.

#3 – Prices Needn’t Be Sky-High

Empty leg flights are when an aircraft returns empty from a one-way charter; either returning to an operating base, or re-positioning for another charter. These empty flights still incur operating costs so are often listed by the operator in the hope of recouping some of those costs through a charter. Empty leg charters offer all the service excellence of a standard charter, but with less scheduling flexibility as the aircraft is already committed to a particular route; hence the cost savings of up to 75%. Victor allows you to set an alert to be notified when an empty leg becomes available on your preferred route.

#4 – There’s No Nasty Surprises

If, for example, you choose to charter a jet through Victor, you’ll know exactly what to expect – there are no secrets. Your quote will include the name and contact details of the operator, the aircraft tail number (so you know the year of manufacture), actual images of the aircraft, cabin dimensions, insurance details, cancellation policy and an all-inclusive price. It’s worth noting that prices exclude on board communications, ground transportation, de-icing and some credit card fees (if this is your chosen payment method). With all this information, comparison is simple, and booking is so easy – you could be airborne in just three hours!

#5 – Right Aircraft, Right Time

There is a vast array of aircraft available for private charter – from small turbo-props and light jets that can land on the tiniest and most inaccessible of runways, to ultra long-range jets complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, fully-stocked galleys, boardroom/dining facilities, and the latest communications and entertainment systems. Factors such as the charter distance, number of passengers, airport specifications (runway length, accessibility, pet-friendliness, opening times, etc.) and aircraft availability will all affect your final chartering decision but, with so much choice, there will always be an aircraft available when you need it, and with Victor your personal account manager is always on hand to guide you through deciding the best aircraft for you, each time you fly.


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