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The first in a new series of films created for Victor takes the form of a personal flying experience by cellist Manuela Albano. Its director Domenico Vitale describes it as: “Her own interpretation of the music. One shot that tracks her love for what she does. One reveal of the immensity of the world around her. The sun that comes down warming us all as we watch. I wanted this piece to be just that. The world, the person, her passion, coming together as one. In one wonderful personal journey.

The film had a serendipitous start. “Creating this piece was pure luck,” says Vitale. “We got a call from the mayor of this old town in Calabria offering this wonderful castle as a location.” Built in 1044, the castle provides the perfect setting for the majesty of the piece. According to the director, the project was a perfect encapsulation of Victor values: “It was a great opportunity to capture in film the spirit of why the Victor customer travels – one moment where it all comes together for one individual. A very personal journey that is beyond the trip itself. A moment of growth and experience that is unique, not replicable because the place, the time, the person become one for ever.”

Victor - Personal Flying Experiences | Cellist

Vitale sees his film as “one perfect, personal moment that could never be shared and told because you had to be there”. For anyone wishing to follow in the filmmaker’s footsteps and see the ancient set and the beauty of the surrounding countryside for themselves, the closest airport is Lamezia Terme. And because it’s not served by direct commercial flights from London, Paris or Vienna, the benefits of flying with Victor have never been clearer.

Watch the film below, and fly direct to Lamezia Terme International Airport with Victor.

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