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Victor for Cargo makes hidden markups and surprise costs a thing of the past: our quotes are totally transparent, and our global reach and 24/7 team make transporting your precious cargo easier and more secure than ever before.

Read on for just some of the ways Victor for Cargo can help you.

On-board Couriers (OBCs)

White-glove hand carriers available for both scheduled services and private chartered aircraft

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The brief: A client needs a urgent document sent to a financial institution in Dubai for a witnessed signature – in 12 hours.

The route: Europe to Dubai

The Solution: Victor secures an on-board courier within minutes of the enquiry and books a seat on the next commercial flight out to Dubai. We ensure customs procedures are cleared on both ends to expedite the transit time, on a deal that would have fallen through if the document had not arrived on time.

High value goods transport

Typically involves the charter of an aircraft with an attendant to accompany high-value, time-critical goods

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The brief: A fashion label in Milan is supplying clothes for a fashion show in New York and needs to get them there as soon as possible – cost is not an issue.

The route: Milan to New York

The solution: Victor secures a Gulfstream IV ready to fly within three hours of enquiry. The use of an executive aircraft is perfect for time-critical items that need to reach their destination regardless of cost.

Fine art transport

Involves the part-charter of an aircraft for high value and large works

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The brief: An art gallery asks Victor to fly a number of pieces to an exhibition in Hong Kong, requiring a service that is not only cost-effective but also keeps the cargo in immaculate condition.

The route: Geneva to Hong Kong

The solution: Victor sources the part-charter of a Boeing 747 Freighter, negotiating the best price on a fractured route, and also provides road transport from the gallery to the jet, which is located at a European regional hub. The artworks are assigned dedicated positions on board, minimising the risk of damage.

Horse transport

Comprises full aircraft charter such as a Boeing 777 Freighter that includes horse stalls, hay and water, as well as grooms

Women clothing - fall winter collection; Shutterstock ID 520582906

The brief: A horse breeder needs to move 50 thoroughbred racehorses from Europe to an event in North America, ensuring that the animals arrive in peak condition.

The route: Europe to North America

The solution: Victor ensures a timely and efficient loading, flight and unloading schedule, ensuring the horses are treated with care, while also dealing with clearing customs and quarantine procedures

Victor for cargo

Cargo charters on demand

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