Ibiza bookings up over 400%

The Balearic island has become online jet charter marketplace Victor’s fastest-growing summer destination, with bookings up a staggering 441% year-on-year.

As the White Isle reinvents itself for the more sophisticated traveller, with high-end hospitality and restaurant openings including Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay plus premium clubbing brands like Glitterbox at Hï Ibiza, analysis by Victor Labs shows how the repositioning has been reflected by an unprecedented increase in jet bookings. Typically, the island can expect to see anything from 80 to 120 private planes arriving and departing during July and August, with the largest volume over weekends.

Flights between France and Spain have become one of Victor’s most popular country pairings, suggesting that travellers are chartering private jets to make more of their time in the Mediterranean. There are currently no direct flights between Nice and Palma, turning what should be a short hop into a six-hour ordeal on a commercial routing via Barcelona.

Other short-haul destinations growing in popularity with Victor members include the Greek island of Mykonos, which has enjoyed 350% year-on-year growth after also choosing to take a more upmarket approach.

It’s not just short-haul destinations that have grown in popularity, however, with long-range bookings more than tripling in 2016. Traditional city routes like New York to London have increased by 613%, as travellers seek to avoid the hassle of big airports during peak season.

For business travellers especially, chartering a private jet can be a wise investment decision when the hours lost to the vagaries of commercial flight are taken into account.
A UK company with a strong presence in its homeland, Europe and the US, Victor is also gaining traction in the Middle East with flights from Dubai to London up 1,400% and from Riyadh to Nice up 600%.

Named internet category winner in Deloitte’s UK Tech Fast 50 poll of Britain’s fastest growing, most dynamic tech businesses, Victor has recorded four-year revenue growth of 945% and secured $24.45m of funding to date. Founded by serial entrepreneur Clive Jackson in 2011, the company has revolutionised private jet charter and become both a leading participant and an active supporter of the digital economy.

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