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Fly smarter, journey further with Alto frequent flier points

VICTOR ALTOEarn points every time you fly

Make the most of every journey with Alto, the world’s first global frequent-flier points programme for private jet charter.

Available exclusively to Victor customers, Alto is a ‘Thank you’ to all the members who have flown with us already, and is an equally heartfelt ’Welcome’ to everyone who chooses to fly with us from now on.

Alto effortlessly credits your account with points every time you fly with Victor, which you can choose to redeem against your next flight with us.


Activate Alto

You can activate your Alto account quickly and effortlessly right here or through your Victor app.


$1 Spend = 1 Alto Point

Request a quote for a flight and you’ll see the Alto points you would earn with each option. You will receive a point for every dollar you spend.


Easy to earn, easy to use

Book a flight and the Alto points you earn will be added to your account when it lands. You can redeem Alto points against flights in blocks of 10,000.

Victor Alto

Activate your Alto account

If you’re a current Victor member, you can benefit from Alto right now using the button below.

How Alto works for you

As an Alto account holder, you can use the Victor app to check your personal Alto dashboard. This shows how many points you have earned, along with their corresponding monetary value in the denomination of your choice. It also shows how many Alto points are pending for flights you have booked with Victor, but have not yet taken. If you receive any complimentary Alto points, the dashboard will show you when they were issued, and their monetary value.

As you can redeem Alto points in blocks of 10,000 there is also a simple totaliser bar that displays how many blocks are available to redeem. It also shows you how many more points are needed to unlock the next block of 10,000. You have up to 12 months to redeem a block of 10,000 Alto points, starting from the date you earned the points.

Introducing the first Alto PartnersAlto Partners Logo

Introducing new opportunities to earn Alto frequent-flier points when you spend with any one of our new Alto Partners.

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    Scott Dunn creates tailor-made holidays all over the globe, from tiger safaris in India to total escapism in the Maldives or a cultural discovery of Oman, the breadth of their offering is unrivalled.

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  2. SIXT


    Leading ground mobility service SIXT offers an exceptional range of vehicles at over 2,000 locations across 105 countries, with high-touch tech-enabled options to suit how you like to travel.

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  3. Spencer Hart


    Aimed at time poor entrepreneurs, creatives and executives, THE WARDROBE by Spencer Hart has been created to remove one more complicated decision from your day.

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