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Thu, May 30, 2024

Director of Sales

Dan Cook

Victor is a blank cheque – a true meritocracy where you can be the master of your own destiny. Victor is a place where you truly get out what you put in. The company cares about investing in its brand and investing in its people – what more can you want from an employer?

What brought you to Victor?

I worked in music as a recording artist for two years prior to joining Victor, which eventually came to an end and I found myself in a difficult position in London – stuck in a dead-end retail job and not knowing what to do with myself. A friend and former employee of Victor had advertised the position on Facebook – I applied that day and the rest is history!

What skills do you look for in a great account manager?

A desire to learn and improve constantly (by yourself and from others around you); the ability to form relationships with a diverse group of people both internally and with Victor’s clients, an eagerness to fulfil your potential and utilise the help of others to do so, the flexibility to work with others toward a common goal, and to be able to self-motivate and always be moving forward.

What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Never speak negatively about your competition; let your service do the talking.

How would you describe the working culture?

Fun, friendly and relaxed with a high-performance mentality. It is in Victor’s DNA to strive for better.

Best perk at Victor?

To be able to truly say I enjoy coming to work.

What skill are you currently working on?

Having recently been promoted to Director of Sales, my focus has moved away from learning the intricacies of selling and becoming more focused on the skills required to manage others and promote their individual success. Managing people is difficult, and a new challenge I embrace fully.


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