Super light aircraft are economical like smaller jets, but have more room and luggage space. They’re just right for short to medium trips for 7-8 passengers.

Super light jet charter, made super simple

With Victor, chartering a super light aircraft couldn’t be simpler. Just let us know when and where you want to travel, and the number of passengers, and you’ll have a quote in minutes. From there, you can take your pick from thousands of jets and over 100 operators to create a custom charter that’s just right for you.

The perfect balance

From cabin space to fuel efficiency, super light jets are true all-rounders. Cost-effective, comfortable and with enough room to safely-stow your skis, they’re perfect when the Alps are calling or you want a weekend away.


Seats: 7-8

Speed: 486-560 mph

Range/km: 3,000-3,700km

Flight duration: 4h 30mins

Super light jets, available on demand

Citation Excel cabin
Citation Excel
Citation XLS cabin
Citation XLS
Citation III cabin
Citation III 
Citation VII cabin
Citation VII 
Learjet 45 cabin
Learjet 45
Phenom 300 cabin
Phenom 300

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The Victor Difference

Transparency you can trust

Enjoy a capped charging policy and full access to every last detail of your jet before you book

Free to choose, free to use

Pick from 7,000 jets and 40,000 destinations, with no joining or membership fees

Complete financial protection

Breathe easy with 24/7 customer care, aircraft replacement cover and client-deposit accounts

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