Very Light Aircraft Charter

With room for up to five passengers, very light jets are perfect for short trips. Flexible and cost-effective, they’re ideal if you have a strict budget or a tight schedule.

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Aircraft Details

Seats: 4-5

Speed: 440-480 mph

Range/km: 12,000-2,800km

Flight duration: 3h

Very light private jet charter, the easy way

Chartering a very light jet couldn’t be simpler with Victor. Just let us know when and where you want to travel, and the number of passengers, and you’ll have a quote in minutes. When you do, you can choose from thousands of very light jet aircraft, from over 100 operators.

Think small

For many private flyers, a very light jet is the only way to travel. They need less downtime on the ground for refueling and flight checks than larger aircraft — so you can get in the air, and on your way, quickly and easily.