Victor’s three Climate Action initiatives

Defining a sustainable future for private aviation

Victor is committed to transforming the world of private aviation through our passion for sustainability. In 2018, we introduced a carbon offset scheme where 25% of our flights in Europe flew carbon neutral. This effort was just the start of a long-term commitment to climate action in support of NET-ZERO 2050 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Climate change goal. Our initiative contains the following 3 key actions;

Carbon Offsetting

Every booking includes a minimum 200% offset, equivalent to approximately 0.3% of the cost of a booking. Clients who wish to pay to offset by a higher amount of 400%, 800% or more, can do so through the Offset Programme. The credits we source are from the leading global accredited providers. For further information and to find out more about our carbon credit partners, please see our Carbon Offsetting page.

Fuel Burn Reduction

Victor is working with our sister company, the award-winning provider of flight planning, RocketRoute, to leverage their flight routing algorithms. By doing this we can calculate emissions, optimise routes and reduce fuel burn. For further information on this process and to learn more about RocketRoute, please see our Fuel Burn Reduction page.

Adoption of Sustainable Fuels

In partnership with the world’s largest producer of sustainable biofuel, Neste, Victor is on a long-term mission to promote awareness, lobby governments and ultimately drive adoption of waste-to-fuel solutions within the private aviation industry. For further information on this process and to learn more about Neste, please see our Adoption of Sustainable Fuels page.