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Fri, Dec 9, 2022
December 2022

Defining a sustainable future for private aviation

Victor is committed to defining a sustainable future for private aviation. In 2018, we introduced a carbon offset scheme where 25% of our flights in Europe flew carbon neutral. This was just the start of a long-term commitment to climate action in support of NET-ZERO 2050. In 2019, we mandated a minimum 200% offset on every Victor flight globally. In 2021, we launched our new Victor framework which calls for greater transparency and measurement over environmental action in business and general aviation.

As of June 2022, Victor is proud to announce an industry leading partnership with Neste, offering NESTE MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ on-demand to Victor members, for every flight worldwide.

VICTOR’S 5 Steps to Fight Climate Action

  • AWARENESS:Investing in education and raising awareness with consumers, supply chain, and future generations of the impact of their carbon footprint and how they can reduce or mitigate it.

  • MITIGATION:Every flight must be beyond carbon neutral. This can be achieved by offsetting more than the total emissions of that flight, or by engaging a hybrid solution of offsetting and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), where available. Every Victor flight includes a minimum 200% offset. Clients who wish to contribute to offset by 400%, 800% or any higher amount can do so through our Unlimited Offset Programme.

  • EXPERT ADVISORS:Vertis who has over 20 years’ experience in the carbon market, provides Victor with the knowledge and expertise on sourcing and investing our off-setting projects. Their proven track record and trust throughout the industry fuels our on going partnership.

  • THIRD-PARTY VERIFICATION:Openly publish the carbon emissions of the company operations and flight performance, as well as the mitigation strategy. The emissions and associated carbon credit retirement should be audited by a third-party as the company itself cannot objectively mark its own efforts. View Victor’s 2021 carbon impact report, independently audited by Cooper Parry.

  • INNOVATION & REDUCTION:Invest time and research into exploring new technologies which will deliver a proven reduction on your impact on global warming. Smart technology might include SAF viability, optimising flight routes or research into contrails to reduce the quantum of emissions. At Victor, we are working with the award-winning provider of flight planning, RocketRoute, to leverage their flight routing algorithms. We are working with the world’s largest producer of sustainable biofuel, Neste, to promote awareness and ultimately drive adoption of waste-to-fuel solutions within the private aviation industry.