Victor’s engineering culture is based on trust and respect for teammates, constant democratisation of knowledge and decisions and a sharp focus on business goals. We try hard, individually and as a team, to foster and nurture this culture. Our development methodology is agile and responsive to business needs. We have a very well defined way of how a new idea/feature is delivered right from inception to production. We have a flat organisational structure and a decentralised way of making technology decision which gives each team members to incorporate their ideas into the product after due peer review process. Peer reviews are seen by both reviewer and reviewee as an opportunity to learn and share.

Tech Jamborees
Towards democratisation of knowledge, we hold tech jamborees every friday where a team member can share a particular piece of knowledge or part of stack they have been working on to the rest of the team. The tech jamborees are also an opportunity to share other cool things team members may have been learning inside or outside of work. This may range from robotics to the latest UI framework to any tinkerings with some machine learning libraries. This is an open forum to share knowledge and celebrate technology in general.

Victor Hackdays
We conduct hackdays quarterly where the whole team gathers together and spend the whole day hacking on stuff they always wanted to do in technology space, inside or outside work. This is a fairly new initiative and in the future we plan to have themed hackdays for various parts of the business or even technology themes such as AI, ML and Deep learning. Hackdays are a great way to own a problem statement and give the solution a shape within a day. It is also a time to get to know your team better. In future, we will be extending hackday invitations to people outside the organisation. Pizza and Beer – the cornerstones of a great hackday, are a given :)

Open Positions
1. Senior Software Engineer – Apply
2. QA Automation Engineer – Apply
3. Frontend Engineer – Apply

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