How much is it to hire a private jet?

The first thing most people want to know about private flying is: ‘how much does it cost to charter a plane?’

Because they carry fewer passengers, and fly on demand, the price of private flights is usually higher than commercial ones. And when you fly with Victor, you get to decide everything from the plane model to the catering menu — so the final quote will be different each time, and tailored to your needs.

Typical prices on popular routes

North America

Teterboro – London
From $60,850
Gulfstream IV
Las Vegas
Los Angeles – Las Vegas
From $5,250

Embraer Phenom 100
Teterboro – Miami
From $14,750
Citation CJ2
Las Vegas
Van Nuys – Las Vegas
From $5,000
Embraer Phenom 100


London – Nice
From $8,000
Citation Mustang
London –

From $12,300
Citation CJ2
London – Geneva
From $7,500
Citation Mustang
London – Paris
From $5,600
Citation Mustang
New York
London – Teterboro
From $63,250
Gulfstream IV
London – Palma
From $11,250
Citation CJ2
Palma – Nice
From $6,300
Citation Mustang

Based on 2 passengers and the most cost effective /suitable charter for the route.
Full charter prices, excluding any special or empty leg pricing that may be available.

A quick guide to private jet quotes

We keep all our quotes simple. They’re clear and transparent, with a fixed booking fee and no upfront costs or hidden charges. Each quote will vary depending on:

  • Location and destination: short trips to popular destinations will be the most cost-effective. Trips to unusual or remote airfields often come with a pricetag attached.
  • Flight time: jets are often priced at an hourly rate, so longer journeys are generally more expensive than shorter ones.
  • Airport positioning: if your jet has to fly from its current location to reach you, there may be a relocation charge.
  • Type of aircraft: as a general rule, larger aircraft tend to cost more than smaller ones. And newer jets command higher prices.
  • Number of passengers: the price of a plane is fixed, so the more passengers you have on board, the more cost-effective it will be per person.
  • Flight timings: if you book a return journey, there’ll be downtime between the flights which may mean extra costs like airport parking charges or hotels for the crew.
  • Airport fees: every airport has a different landing and handling fee, and there’s often a charge for ground transport too.

To know exactly how much it’ll cost to charter a private jet for your next trip, the simplest thing is to request a quote. We’ll get back to you with different quotes in 60 minutes or less, and can have you in the air in four hours flat.

Ready to book your private jet?


The Victor difference

The Victor app - free to use, free to choose

Victor is free to use, free to choose

Widest choice of jets, operators, destinations and deals – flexible, on demand charter by app, web and phone. You’re in control. Instantly charter thousands of jets at thousands of airports to maximise your time and ensure totally seamless, totally private travel.

Transparency to trust

Transparency to trust

Enjoy clear (capped) booking fees, compare specific jet details (including tail number), choose the right flight options. One of the very few ARG/US Certified charter providers worldwide, Victor means smart, ultra-high quality travel.

Protection guaranteed

Protection guaranteed

The very highest level of 24–7 customer care, aircraft/crew replacement guarantees and complete financial protection with every booking (all funds are securely held in a client deposit account).