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Victor Voices offers you an access-all-areas pass into the world of private aviation.

Each episode takes you on air with Dan Cook - Director of Sales – on a journey through personal stories and layers of perspectives from a range of guests including, leaders in business aviation, private jet charterers, and luxury brands which complement the charter experience.

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    Episode 5

    Jules Maury - Head of Programme at Scott Dunn Private

    Inside Scott Dunn Private and the world of extraordinary travel

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    Episode 4

    Gail Whiteman - Professor of Sustainability at the University of Exeter Business School

    The Climate Crisis: Earth science and commercial risk

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    Episode 3

    Clive Jackson - Victor Chairman & Founder

    Will the world ever fly again? Discussing the future of aviation with Victor Founder Clive Jackson

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    Episode 2

    Tom Hill and Devin Chiesa - Victor Rescue

    Behind the scenes of the Victor Rescue team

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    Episode 1

    Toby Edwards - Managing Director

    Discussing the impacts of COVID-19, with our Managing Director

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