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Few places in the world are able to match the sense of calm and tranquillity that seems to exude effortlessly from the Island of Formentera. The island is known for being a place where time seems to move at a slower pace than the rest of the world, and Teranka, Formentera’s newest boutique art hotel, has managed to capture the essence of its environment in its purest form.


For those arriving from Ibiza, the hotel will provide Victor members with a complimentary boat transfer between the islands.

On arrival, guests will be able to wind down with a wide range of options for wellness and relaxation, including peaceful cabanas and day beds, professional yoga and meditation sessions guided by experts.


Formentera prioritises the protection of its Posidonia meadows and practices sustainable tourism by imposing strict limitations on the number of cars permitted on the island. Because Teranka is in one of the most remote locations on the island, the hotel has its own vehicles designated for guest transfers.

As a Victor Member you can enjoy:

  • Members will receive 50,000 Alto points with their first booking, which can be used to discount prices on future flights and with our other partners.


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