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Fri, Dec 9, 2022
December 2022

Our 2020 Impact

45,084 tonnes of carbon offset

We believe in a better way to fly private.

2020 forced populations the world over to question their priorities and shift focus. Tough times is simply no excuse to forget what matters most - the planet we live on.

On our journey towards a more sustainable future for private aviation, we’ve developed a Build Back Better framework for the entire industry in support of Net Zero. Endorsed by the European Business Aviation Association, the framework calls for greater transparency over environmental action in business and general aviation.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we are proud to share our carbon impact report. In July 2020, we celebrated our first 12 months as the world’s first carbon-negative aviation business and continued to offset every flight by at least 200% as a standard. Thanks to our customers, who chose to make their own offsetting contribution in addition to Victor's, 8.5% of our total flight emissions were offset beyond our 200% standard.

Hours in the sky

Tonnes emitted

Ha Forest Protected

In 2020, we flew 2,447,771 miles - almost one hundred times around the globe - and to 89 countries. The emissions from every flight were calculated in partnership with RocketRoute, the leader provider of flight planning, to provide a highly accurate fuel burn calculation. We are the first private jet company to have our annual flights, emissions and carbon credits formally verified by third-party auditor Cooper Parry.

Our chosen projects for 2020, in partnership with Vertis and South Pole, were natured-based and Gold Standard or Voluntary Carbon Standard accredited. We selected projects spread all over the world given our global flight coverage, and cumulatively these projects cover an area four times the size of Manhattan, New York and 116 times the size Monaco.

Victor has been leading the way for greater environmental responsibility in business aviation since it launched its industry-first carbon reduction programme in Europe in 2018. Since Victor took this programme worldwide in 2019 and started mandating a 200% carbon offset on every flight, we encourage others in Business aviation to follow their lead. The EBAA supports Victor’s Build Back Better Framework and in particular welcomes their call for 3rd party verification and full transparency on environmental investments made by private aviation businesses.Robert Baltus, COO at European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

Le'an County Carbon Sink

This project avoids the illegal harvest of Jiangxi Province Le’An County Forest, in turn preserving the area’s ecological balance, biodiversity conservation and soil erosion control. The project improved forestry management across 7,746.7 hectares includes the conversion of logged to protected forest with the aim of reducing 2.8 million tonnes of carbon over a 30-year period.

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Rainforest Protection in Peru

The project activity conserves threatened tropical rainforest in an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot of the Peruvian Amazon. The lush forests provide habitat for a wide variety of rare and endangered wildlife. The project integrates conservation and sustainable economic development to protect 591,119 hectares forest.

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Kariba Forest Protection

Since its launch in 2011, the Kariba project has protected nearly 785,000 hectares from deforestation and land degradation, preventing more than 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year. The project continues to support regional sustainable development and the independence and wellbeing of local communities.

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