Charter a private jet from or to Malpensa International Airport (MXP)

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Malpensa International Airport is located 30 miles northwest of Milan, Italy and within easy reach of the city’s business and shopping districts.Your driver can get you to the centre of Milan in around 45 minutes, or a helicopter charter service can be used to get you to Lake Como or Portofino in under an hour.
An alternative airport if Malpensa is crowded is Biella Airport (approx. 80KM or 01:00 drive time / NOT a 24 hour airport).

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How to charter a private flight from Malpensa International Airport
Malpensa International Airport is located next to the Ticino River, which is situated in between the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, and is used for both private and commercial aviation. The airport has a General Aviation Terminal enabling private jet clients to relax in comfort prior to their flight. Malpensa International Airport is the largest airport serving the Milan area.
For private jet charter to or from Malpensa International Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


Does Malpensa International Airport have private jets?
Yes, Malpensa International Airport supports private jets.
Malpensa International Airport Facts
Malpensa International Airport has 2 runways (17L/35R and 17R/35L). The airport handles around 25 million passengers every year.
Country: Italy
Latitude: 45-37-50.18N
Longitude: 008-43-41.20E
Timezone: Europe/Rome
Runway Length: 3920 metres (both)
Tarmac Access: No
Slot Restriction: Yes
For private jet hire to or from Malpensa International Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


Flight has taken place from the site of the airport since 1910, and many years were spent testing different flying machines from this space. The airfield was used by the Italian Air Force on the 1920s and 1930s and then was taken over by Germany in World War II. After the war, the airfield was restored, a new runway was built and a small wooden terminal created. Commercial flights commenced in 1948 and it was decided to turn Malpensa into an international gateway. This, however, did not come to fruition, as many of the leading international airlines chose Linate Airport instead as it was closer to the centre of Milan. However, Linate Airport reached saturation point and so Malpensa was expanded and a new terminal and better transport links were installed in 1998. Further additions have taken place to accommodate Malpensa’s growing passenger numbers.
To book a private jet to or from Malpensa International Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


What facilities are available at Malpensa International Airport?
For aircraft, services provided include refueling, aircraft parking and airstairs Malpensa International Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week but is strictly controlled by slots. For passengers and crew, services include limousine and car hire, security arrangements and a VIP passenger lounge. Refreshments and internet access are also available here. On-site customs and immigrations adds an extra layer of convenience. For late arrivals, or those looking to stay over, more than 15 hotels are conveniently located near to Malpensa International Airport. In addition to the airports close proximity to Milan, it is also within a short distance of the many ski resorts of Northern Italy, the Great Italian Lakes and Southern France.
For private jet charter to or from Malpensa International Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.

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For private jet charter to or from Malpensa International Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550

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