Fuel Burn Reduction

Smarter flight planning reduces fuel burn

Technology is a key driver for carbon reduction. Improvements in data driven flight planning solutions offer significant promise to airline operators looking to save time, costs and fuel consumption.

Partnership with RocketRoute

Victor is working with our sister company RocketRoute, a leading global flight planning provider, in order to calculate emissions, optimise routes and reduce fuel burn. RocketRoute’s ability to accurately and dynamically route flights in real-time, gives them a competitive edge over other providers and makes the service ideal for optimising fuel burn.


After every flight, RocketRoute records the actual flight plan filed by every operator. This provides Victor with a highly accurate view of actual fuel consumption for our credit calculations. In addition, Victor compares this data with an optimal flight plan that is simulated by RocketRoute just prior to take-off. The difference between the RocketRoute simulated data and the actual flight plan data is then investigated on a plan-by-plan basis to pinpoint route inefficiencies and potential fuel burn reduction.


Victor provides analysis of individual flight reports and insights into aggregated monthly flight plans from RocketRoute back to operators. Over time, this will enable operators optimise their routes and reduce their emissions. A recent 2019 concept study conducted for departures from Gatwick Airport of both commercial and private aircraft movements, found that for routes which could be optimised, Rocket Route identified an average of 5% fuel burn reduction, with some operators seeing even better fuel savings. In 2020, the objective is to double the success rate, as part of a multi-year plan to help reduce fuel burn and carbon emissions.