Sustainable Fuels Adoption

Today’s waste is tomorrow’s energy

We are working in partnership with the world’s largest producer of sustainable renewable fuels, Neste, on a long term mission to promote awareness and ultimately drive adoption of waste to fuel solutions within the private aviation industry.

Benefits of Waste-to-Fuel Solutions

The primary environmental benefits of solid waste fuel comes from the reductions in both landfill emissions and fossil fuel use.

Methane is a by-product of decomposing landfill emissions and is a greenhouse gas with a warming potential 25 times greater than carbon dioxide. Waste-to-fuel solutions limit landfill in the first instance and provides more attractive alternatives to regular fossil fuels.

In addition, waste-to-fuel is considerably more environmentally beneficial than crop-to-fuel alternatives, which almost always result in significant greenhouse gas emissions – from the production of fertiliser and nitrous oxide released from soils - as well as the erosion of forests, in case when farmers cut them down to create more farmland for service demand. The knock-on effect on wildlife in such cases can also be detrimental.

Further updates to the Neste and Victor Partnership will be found here and on our social media channels over the coming months. For further information on waste-to-fuel solutions, please visit