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Thu, Jun 20, 2024

Mid Size Jet Charter

Mid size private jets seat 6-8 passengers and have a range of up to 5000km. Which makes them ideal for short to medium trips.

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Aircraft Details

Seats: 6-8

Speed: 515-548 mph

Range/km: 3,900-5,000km

Flight duration: 5h

Mid size private jet booking, made simple

We’ve made chartering a mid size jet quick and easy. Just let us know when and where you want to travel, and the number of passengers, and you’ll have a quote in minutes. From there, you can take your pick from thousands of mid size jets (including mid size business jets) and over 100 operators to create a custom charter that just right for you.

Mid size jets: the happy medium

If you’re doing a short trip, a mid size private jet will get you there much faster than a lighter aircraft. And because mid size jets have more luggage space and seating, they offer greater comfort too. Their range also makes them capable of return trips within Europe, as well as much longer journeys like the London to Faro or Moscow to Nice.