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Mon, Jul 22, 2024

Super Mid Size Jet Charter

With stand-up cabins and large luggage space, super mid size aircraft give you the benefits of flying on a larger jet — but without the price tag. Comfortably seating 8-10 passengers, some super mid size jets can even outpace long-range aircraft.

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Aircraft Details

Seats: 8-10

Speed: 550-580 mph

Range/km: 5,500-6,500km

Flight duration: 6h 45mins

The simplest super mid size jet charter

Chartering a super mid size jet couldn’t be easier with Victor. Just let us know when and where you want to travel, and the number of passengers, and you’ll have a quote in minutes. From there, you can take your pick from thousands of aircraft (including super mid size business jets) and over 100 operators.

Room to move

Super midsize aircraft are a popular choice for private flyers. And stepping inside the cabin, it’s easy to see why. Full standing headroom comes as standard, which lets you enjoy journeys like London to Marrakech or LA to New York in total comfort.