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Thu, Jun 20, 2024

Senior Sales Executive

Alina Stankiewicz

The company has kept its start-up genes which makes it a more fun place to be.

What brought you to Victor?

After working at an international auction house in London where I was dealing with HNWIs on a daily basis, I thought it would be a very interesting move to join another prestigious industry. A company where I could not only build on my skill set, but also enter a whole new world of luxury and learn so much about its technical side too. It is fun and challenging, and I loved the idea of joining a start-up back then. It is exciting to see a company grow so much over the years.

What motivates you in the role?

My clients are some of the most inspiring people in the whole world. Building a rapport with them and receiving life advice from them is priceless!

I love people and human interaction. It is fun helping customers with their travel requirements and advising them on the aircraft possibilities out there. It’s my passion and in return they share their passions with me, which makes the conversation and relationship building enjoyable and genuine.

How would you describe Victor?

An established brand which never sleeps.

Best advice you’ve received as a broker?

Time kills deals.

What characteristics define a Victor employee?

Passion, autonomy and integrity.

What surprised you most about working at Victor?

How approachable everyone is.

What skill are you currently working on?

Improving my French. I am very passionate about languages and enjoy using the ones I know when I speak to my clients who are very international. It helps me to provide a better service as I find clients tend to prefer when I discuss important details in their native language. I speak German, Polish, English, Spanish and French and I would love to add Russian or Arabic one day.


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