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Fri, Dec 9, 2022
December 2022

Client Preferred Operators

Only when you fly VictorMake an informed choice when you charter

Transparency sets Victor apart from every other provider in the market.

We are the only aircraft charter provider to disclose the operator and aircraft details, at the point of quotation and before you book. Our fully transparent quotations include the tail number of the aircraft, year of manufacture, and pictures of the actual aircraft you will fly on.

We also pass on the operator’s cancellation terms, rather than creating our own cancellation fee, so in the event you are unable to fly, you will not be charged an opaque, blanket cancellation fee that many brokers use to reduce the amount refunded to you.

Data-driven improvements to our service

To date, Victor has collected over 3,500 detailed client reports, which include ratings for the operator’s aircraft condition, as well as for the onboard experience. This data has formed a key part of our continuous monitoring of our global aircraft operator network and has been invaluable in advising clients on their most suitable flight options at the point of quotation.

We are now passing these insights over to you as Client Preferred Operators, to guide you to the best performing operators, based on customer feedback on thousands of private jet and commercial jet flights booked through the Victor platform.

Client Preferred Operators are indicated by a star icon on each quotation you receive. To qualify, these Client Preferred Operator have maintained a minimum of 90% customer rating for both aircraft and onboard experience over the past 48 months of service. They may also offer other benefits such as preferred cancellation terms. Please see ‘Qualification’ below for the details.

This new data-driven tool is designed to empower you to make an even more informed decision about the operator and aircraft you choose for your charter. It also gives a platform to the highest-performing operators to stand out above the rest.

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Discover Why Victor is Different

Victor is the only global jet charter marketplace to offer fully transparent quotations. Now, we are the only platform where you can access Client Preferred Operators.

Client Preferred Operators Qualification

Client Preferred Operators have:

  • Performed at least 10 flights with Victor.
  • Received at least 5 pieces of client-initiated feedback over a rolling 48-month period.
  • Demonstrated low levels of technical or flight recovery issues.
  • Scored an average of 90% or more in customer satisfaction for its aircraft quality.
  • Scored an average of 90% or more in customer satisfaction for its onboard experience.

Our Client Preferred Operators are based on live data scores and therefore update in real-time. If you’d like further information, please speak to your account manager who would be delighted to assist you.

* A Client Preferred Operator is determined by rating various categories that can be divided into: (i) Aircraft Condition and (ii) Onboard Service. We use these categories on a Flight Feedback Form to derive statistical patterns. Based on these inputs by our current flying customers (between a 1-5 star rating icon), a machine-learning based analysis is conducted which results in a quality rating which is automatically calculated for the third-party Operator. All results that are calculated to be over 90% are awarded the gold star. Victor does not assume and shall not be deemed to assume any liability for a Client Preferred Operator’s obligations. This statement should be read in conjunction with Victor’s Membership Terms & Conditions, available at