Victor is committed not only to transforming the world of private aviation but also the world around us, which is why we’re extremely proud to introduce our global partnership with BP Target Neutral and Air BP.


Join us on the journey to a low carbon future

When you fly with an ever-growing roster of Victor operators, a record of carbon credits will be added to your own digital flight log. These carbon credits go towards environmental initiatives around the world – at no extra cost to you – with each project designed to improve livelihoods and reduce the impact of carbon in the atmosphere.

By 2020, Victor aims to use carbon-neutral fuel for 100% of flights

Join Victor today and look out for the carbon symbol on your quotes, which you’ll start to see more of as the programme is rolled out to include an increasing number of operators and routes.

Victor Carbon Reduction logo

How it helps

The Lower Zambezi REDD+ project, which supports education initiatives that help pupils like Jessie to learn more about her environment, is just one example of the many schemes in place around the globe.

See the full BP Target Neutral Carbon Offset project portfolio here.

When your flight qualifies, credits will be automatically added to your quarterly flight log. Check out how it works below:

If you have any questions about Victor’s global partnership with BP Target Neutral email and we’ll be happy to answer them.

If you’re an operator interested in being part of the Victor Carbon Reduction programme, email and we’ll be in touch.

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