Charter a private jet from or to Isle of Man Airport (IOM)

Summary - Airport Information

Isle of Man Airport is located 8 miles southwest of the Isle of Man capital, Douglas and within easy reach of the town’s facilities and roads used in the Isle of Man TT. Your driver can get you to the centre of Douglas in around 20 minutes, or a helicopter charter service can be used to get you to mainland Britain in a matter of minutes.

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How to charter a private flight from Isle of Man Airport
Isle of Man Airport is located in Ronaldsway, which is situated in the south of the Isle of Man, and is used for both private and commercial aviation. The airport has a General Aviation Terminal for private flyers to use prior to their flight. Isle of Man Airport is the main gateway to the Isle of Man alongside the sea port.
For private jet charter to or from Isle of Man Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


Does Isle of Man Airport have private jets?
Yes, Isle of Man Airport supports private jets.
Isle of Man Airport Facts
Isle of Man Airport has 2 runways (08/26 and 03/21). The airport handles around 850,000 passengers every year.
Country: Isle Of Man
Latitude: 54-05-00.00N
Longitude: 004-37-26.00W
Timezone: Europe/Isle_of_Man
Runway Length: 2110 metres (08/26) and 1255 metres (03/21)
Tarmac Access: No
Slot Restriction: No
For private jet hire to or from Isle of Man Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


Isle of Man Airport was originally an airfield in 1929 called Ronaldsway Airport. Over the next few years, the airport served several locations in the UK and also a service to Ireland. During the Second World War, the airport became and RAF base, although civilian flights still took off from the airport. After the war, the airport was redeveloped, with several new hangars, new runways and facilities for passengers. In 2000, the airport extended its arrivals and departures areas to cope with increased demand for the airport.
To book a private jet to or from Isle of Man Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


What facilities are available at Isle of Man Airport?
For aircraft, a VIP operator provides a range of services including refueling, cleaning and maintenance and deicing. Isle of Man Airport is open from 0630-2100, Monday-Sunday, however extensions are permitted until 2300 hrs on request but with strict permission required. For passengers and crew, a number of lounge areas are available within the General Aviation Terminal and refreshments can be sought. Additional facilities include luxury washrooms and showers. For business flyers, a boardroom with full WiFi is based within the terminal. For late arrivals, or those looking to stay over, more than 3 hotels are conveniently located near to Isle of Man Airport. In addition to the airports close proximity to Douglas, it is also within a short distance of Castletown and the varied coastline of the island.
For private jet charter to or from Isle of Man Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.