Charter a private jet from or to Stockholm-Bromma Airport (BMA)

Summary - Airport Information

Stockholm Bromma Airport is located 5 miles northwest of Stockholm and within easy reach of the city’s business and leisure districts.Your driver can get you to the centre of Stockholm in around 18 minutes, or a helicopter charter service can be used to get you to Gothenburg or mainland Europe in a short flight.
This airport is very convenient for central Stockholm and is closer than its larger neighbour, but if you need a 24 hour airport, we suggest using Arlanda.

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How to charter a private flight from Stockholm-Bromma Airport
Stockholm Bromma Airport is located in Stockholms län [SE-01] , which is situated in the southeast of Sweden, and is used for both private and commercial aviation. The airport has a General Aviation Terminal enabling private jet clients to relax prior to their flight. Stockholm Bromma Airport is the closest airport to the centre of Stockholm.
For private jet charter to or from Stockholm-Bromma Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


Does Stockholm-Bromma Airport have private jets?
Yes,Stockholm Bromma Airport supports private jets.
Stockholm-Bromma Airport Facts
Stockholm Bromma Airport has one runway (12/30). The airport handles around 2.5 million passengers every year.
Country: Sweden
Latitude: 59-21-15.74N
Longitude: 017-56-29.94E
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm
Runway Length: 1668 metres
Tarmac Access: Yes (on request and at cost)
Slot Restriction: Yes
For private jet hire to or from Stockholm-Bromma Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


The airport was opened in 1936 by King Gustav V and was the first airport in Europe to have paved runways from its inception. During the Second World War, the airport was used By Swedish and British Air Forces to fly to the UK. Much of Bromma’s traffic was taken by the building of Arlanda Airport in 1960, and so the airport became more of a base for private and business jets. In 2002 a new control tower was built and further enhancements have taken place since.
To book a private jet to or from Stockholm-Bromma Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


What facilities are available at Stockholm-Bromma Airport?
For aircraft, a VIP operative provides services including heated hangars, service and maintenance and refueling. Stockholm Bromma Airport is open Monday-Friday 0700-2200 hrs, Saturday 0900-1700 hrs and Sunday 1200-2200 hrs. No extensions are possible. For passengers and crew, the executive terminal is a ‘no photography’ zone, ensuring complete discretion for passengers. A comfortable lounge is available for passengers prior to their flight and customs and passport control are based on-site. For late arrivals, or those looking to stay over, more than 5 hotels are conveniently located near to Stockholm Bromma Airport. In addition to the airports close proximity to Stockholm, it is also within a short distance of major roads towards Denmark.
For private jet charter to or from Stockholm-Bromma Airport call Victor on: +44 (0)20 7384 8550.