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Wed, Jan 26, 2022
January 2022

Spencer Hart

Spencer Hart

Designed for time-poor entrepreneurs, creatives and executives, THE WARDROBE by Spencer Hart is a custom-made clothing service tailored to their lifestyle to remove one decision from their daily lives. Spencer Hart makes timeless style personal and effortless for those who have the desire, but not the time, to look and feel the best version of themselves, 365 days a year, wherever they are.

From evening wear and boardroom attire to relaxed tailoring and leisurewear, THE WARDROBE by Spencer Hart is a total style solution to depend on in every situation and environment. For 15 years, Spencer Hart has become a favourite of the most watched men in the world from royalty to kings of hip hop, including Benedict Cumberbatch, John Legend, David Bowie and Kanye West.

The COMPLETE Wardrobe by Spencer Hart is 12 fully coordinated outfits plus two coats and 2 casual blousons. In addition 4 pairs of shoes to complete the look and ensure that there is at least one pair for each outfit.

The CAPSULE Wardrobe is 6 fully coordinated outfits alongside 1 coat and 3 pairs of shoes. A perfect solution for a re-style of your personal brand.

The COMPACT Wardrobe is 2 fully coordinated outfits, 1 coat and 1 pair of shoes. A quick refresh of your look for any occasion.

Victor members have access to this private, by-appointment-only brand, earning 2 Alto points for every dollar spent on THE WARDROBE solution.

There’s a natural synergy between Spencer Hart and Victor; we both understand that time and personalised, high-touch service is extremely important to our customers as we enhance and support their fast-paced lifestyle. We look forward to creating THE WARDROBE for Victor members, suitable for any destination and occasion.—Nick Hart, founder of Spencer Hart

How does it work?

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    Provide your Alto account number when you make a purchase.

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    You will earn 2 Alto points for every dollar you spend on THE WARDROBE.

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    Alto Points will be automatically credited to your account.