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Fri, May 31, 2024

Members’ safety

The safety of our members is of paramount importance. All Victor operators are audited by their relevant aviation authority in order that they maintain a valid Air Operator Certificate, which is necessary to operate any aircraft for commercial charter.

By law, and for the safety of our passengers, all the aircraft we charter on behalf of members are piloted by two commercial pilots who are fully trained and qualified for both the aircraft type they fly and for the airports they fly into.

Victor displays an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), for every operator listed on the Victor platform for members to inspect. In addition, Victor also publishes the operator’s insurance certificates, so our members can verify the level of liability insurance each aircraft operator carries on behalf of their passenger.

Operator audits cover a wide range of operations and maintenance procedures including crew training and aircraft maintenance as indicated below:

  • Aircraft documentation checks – to ensure all required certification and approvals are valid
  • Crew training record checks – to ensure that all crew are current and licensed for commercial operations
  • Crew flight time limitations record checks – to ensure that crew fatigue avoidance is observed
  • Flight checks – to observe and ensure that the correct flight operations and cabin procedures are undertaken
  • Maintenance and engineering compliance checks – to check compliance with approved maintenance procedures ensuring aircraft are safe to fly
  • Manual checks – validity of company operations manuals and documentation
  • Management and financial robustness checks – to ensure CAA-approved Postholder team is empowered and capable to undertake safe management of the entire business
  • Ramp checks – assess turnaround of company aircraft at any given airport and review operator auditing of handlers
  • Operations checks – to assess expertise of aircraft operations staff to undertake operational duties
  • Quality checks – to ensure that internal auditing process is robust and compliant.