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Tue, Apr 16, 2024

Victor Rescue

Emergency and mission-critical flights

Victor Rescue is a highly-personalised 24/7 emergency and mission-critical service, designed to fly you quickly and safely to your destination while supporting you through the process with transparency and compassion. In an emergency, on-demand aircraft charter is the flexible and reliable solution to depend upon for safety and speed.

Our dedicated Victor Rescue team are aviation experts with specialist experience in repatriation flights, transportation of large workforces, medical evacuation and government and state missions. Find out more about the services we offer below, or if you have an urgent request, please get in touch.

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Your safety is our priority

Contact the Victor Rescue team for immediate expert assistance on, or +44 (0)20 7384 8550.


With the support of government officials, we can assist with repatriation, even if commercial flights are not operating, to ensure you are never stranded abroad and always able to reach home safely. As air travel experts, we pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date advice relating to your flight plans in line with travel and border regulations.

Transportation of Key Workers

We have a proven track record in flying keyworkers from a range of industries, including from the medical, security and education professions to support the provision of critical infrastructure. Victor’s Group Charter team expertly sources commercial aircraft ranging from 18-450 seats to transport your employees. On an unscheduled service, you are in control of your own schedule with bespoke flight itineraries and your personal Victor account manager is available to advise on eligibility to fly a particular route. By utilising smaller regional airports, fly directly and closer to your end destination. With dedicated use of the aircraft, you are in control of the seating plan in the cabin – a highly-valuable benefit when social distancing rules apply.

Medical Critical Assignments

Under the Victor Rescue service, our rapid medical evacuation and medical repatriation experts can have a team of doctors and paramedics specialised to the patients’ needs airborne in just two hours. For patients with confirmed or suspected highly-infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 or Ebola, or for those travelling from high-risk and affected areas, Victor will arrange a portable medical isolation EpiShuttle PMIU unit accompanied by dedicated trained medical teams to ensure the highest-possible levels of hygiene and safety. Whatever the emergency, our 24-hour service can arrange a medical transportation anytime of the day or night.

Government & State Missions

In times of crisis, aircraft charter provides the security and speed required by government officials to carry out critical missions, as well as the flexibility to determine their own travel itinerary. We understand that privacy and confidentiality is essential, and Victor Rescue has the capabilities to organise for additional security where required, for a wholly protected and secure service.